Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Blue Light Diaries - April Update

My new novel "The Blue Light Diaries" is almost complete, well, the writing section of it is! I am on the penultimate chapter, and writing a scene that I am struggling on at the moment.

It looks as though I now have two groups of characters from the book that I can concentrate on for further books. The first is the original character and his friends that I wrote about, and the ones who take up most of the book, Doctor Peter Honeycutt, Doctor Bradley Banner and Alice Banner.

The second group of characters are led by Officer Simon Murray and his fellow resistance members Jake Berry and Karen "Kaz" Bucks. These are the resistance members who were responsible for what every human wanted!

For those interested, I have recently given away the first few chapters for free, and here is another section from the book for you to enjoy.

"December 28th 2016 09.45 Hours (EST) - The White House

The President sat at the table, along with numerous aides and military personnel deep below The White House in a secret underground lair. They had a direct video link to WDRC Headquarters and the fifteen minute countdown was  slowly ticking down.
Professor Billington at WDRC Headquarters started the conversation “Mr President, myself and Dr Honeycutt are happy with the biological weapon vaccine. We believe there's a good chance we could eradicate the infected, either by death or by cure.”
“And what about the people who are not infected? Will they be able to survive the weapon being deployed?”
“We've calculated a 10% chance of eradicating those people by accident. Without the chance to do a huge amount of testing, it's a gamble we have to take.”
“10%? That's 9% more than we accounted for!”
“I’m sorry Mr President. That's our best calculations, and they could be very conservative at that!”
Peter stood up and interrupted “Mr President, I've watched Professor Billington work on this and double checked his calculations. If there is any error in the calculations, this could mean the end of the human race which would be exactly what the Aliens want!”
The President looked surprised at the use of the word Aliens “Dr Honeycutt, you have been briefed on the decoded messages we have been intercepting and I believe it's us or them, and this is the only option we have right now.”
The President turned to his aides as the video link went silent, and then turned back and addressed the WDRC “We're ready for the ten minute countdown. We'll keep the video link open, but we'll silence the audio. Keep your fingers crossed. May God be with us.”
The President and those around him started the countdown. Military rocket weapon silos around the world began to open up, the Warheads filled with the gas vaccine which had been hastily manufactured over the previous hours. Scientists around the world using the findings of Professor Billington and Dr Honeycutt to simulate the vaccine.
Due to the lack of time to prepare, everyone around the World involved in the making of the vaccine knew there was a huge chance that some countries would have misinterpreted the data and may have actually created a biological weapon.
As the clock ticked down, Peter held Alice as they waited for the impending doom that may come from this assault on the virus.
Around the World in Military bunkers the countdown began “10… 9… 8...7…”
The World held its breath…
“6… 5… 4… 3… 2…”
Alice grabbed onto Peter and nuzzled herself into his body, they then both closed their eyes.

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