Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Mark.G.Adams Writes

Welcome to Mark.G.Adams Writes, a website dedicated to my writing. Over the years I have written many books of lyrics, plus a number of short stories. Some of these have been published in local press, but I've never seriously taken to publishing my work for the general public.

All that is about to change in 2016 with the proposed release of a number of books. All books will be available in .PDF and .mobi form directly from the website in sample form, or for purchase directly from me via PayPal or from the Amazon Kindle Store.

The release schedule for 2016 so far has three books pencil marked in for release.

  • A Selection Of Words - Lyrics, Poems & Words (Books 1 & 2)” - Publishing March 2016
  • “The Blue Light Diaries” - Publishing June 2016
  • “The Last Of Days” - Publishing February 2016
Dates are subject to change, and samples of these books will be published a lot sooner than the release date. Covers are for illustration only and may change closer to release.

“A Selection Of Words -Lyrics, Poems & Words (Book 1)” is a collection of lyrics written between 1987 up to present day. It’s more than just Poems though, it's the diary of myself from teenage years right through to contemporary times. Book 1 covers the 1980’s, and through rhyme and we'll placed words, you can feel the desire to be loved, the heartache of love lost, the youthful optimism and carefree longings of wanting to write classic songs, catalogue events and so much more.

“The Blue Light Diaries” is a short story set in modern day America, where something strange comes from a distant planet. It's action and adventure, it's quick-paced and quite unique as it explores a familiar story with a whole new twist. It's science fiction that could easily be science fact.

“The Last Of Days” is a true account of the final days of the loss of my father. A biographical novel about the feelings we went through, along with how my father was feeling. Moving, heartbreaking, and an account of what so many people go through, however most of the time do not talk about.

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